Firing Squads and Company Takeovers

onsite drug testingWhen a business buys another business out, they have compromised both companies to a certain degree. There must be a high amount of trust between the two businesses, and wherever there is duplication of employees, many people will be fired, but not everyone. This is because some people distinguish themselves both personally and professionally all of the time.

Their job is never in danger, because of this.

However, many people suffer from being fired and from company takeovers. Is there a way to ensure the best benefit to all of your employees, both current and about-to-be-past? Well, yes, there is.

Many excellent business owners have decided that, if they fire an employee, they will first find employment for them elsewhere. They feel that their workers are in their charge, and that they are responsible for the care and job safety of their employees. Therefore, they plan on keeping their employees until an appropriate situation can be found for them elsewhere. Whether or not the employee takes the offered position is up to them.

Mediscreen respects the right of business owners to let go whomever they please. However, we respect even more the responsibility taken to ensure that any worker in that company has appropriate accommodation should they leave their care and guardianship.

There is something to the phrase that good leaders watch you work while great leaders get down in the trenches with you.

Onsite drug and alcohol testing is meant to help you to determine how reliable your employees are, as far as substance abuse goes. Drug screening is part of a vital part of employee evaluation and retention decisions. If you don’t know what your workers are up to when they are not acting like they are right in the head, they may put someone else in danger. They may put themselves in danger and your company may be legally liable for the damages. Therefore, it is really important that you know as soon as possible after substance abuse has occurred on the jobsite. It is important that you also understand that this can be a very real danger to the rest of your employees, no matter what your own experiences may have been with substances in the past, when you were younger. Call Mediscreen today for NATA accredited onsite testing: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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