The Diamond has Lost Its Luster

First of all, for accuracy, it should be stated that diamonds don't readily, if ever, lose their luster. However, the title sounds better than, "The Cubic Zirconium has Lost Its Luster." Now then, as
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Strength in Personal Power

Power has a bit of a bad rapport. It is equated with people like Stalin and Lord Voldemort (oh, excuse us, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named) and is reputed to be a thirst which cannot be quenched. Power is sa
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Fast, Cheap, and Good

There is a business triangle that is commonly used among contractors and those you employ contractors, though it is applicable in just about every business situation. The triangle has, on its three si
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What Stress Factors Cause Employees To Turn To Drugs?

The world is becoming more complicated every day as the digital revolution continues to evolve. The Internet has made research virtually instantaneous, and thus, has made business faster than ever. It
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People and Their Secrets

People are often very possessive of their secrets. They may feel that their secrets make them special. They may even feel that their secrets give them something which they can truly possess, as long a
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