Personal Agendas and Marijuana Breaks

What do your employees do while they are on break? You can probably guess some of the regular activities: smoking, getting some coffee, grabbing a snack, gossiping with a coworker, etc. However, if th
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Drug Testing and Modern Equipment

Drug testing did not used to be as refined of an art and science as it is today. In many cases, drug screening was so inaccurate as to make it almost wholly useless for any practical application. Sinc
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A Little Bit of Energy Transfer

This article is intended more for those of us who are naturally intuitive, or frequently use our intuition, throughout the day. I would like to broach a subject with which many long time married peopl
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The Game is Up

Games are great, particularly when you are winning them. Games do not just refer to board games or outdoor sports, though. People play games with each other all of the time, seeking to deceive (at lea
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Following Company Regulations

Your business was either founded by you or by someone who built it with a lot of safety mechanisms in place to protect both you and your employees. Following company regulations is important in not on
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