Personal Agendas and Marijuana Breaks

What do your employees do while they are on break? You can probably guess some of the regular activities: smoking, getting some coffee, grabbing a snack, gossiping with a coworker, etc. However, if th
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The Game is Up

Games are great, particularly when you are winning them. Games do not just refer to board games or outdoor sports, though. People play games with each other all of the time, seeking to deceive (at lea
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Fast, Cheap, and Good

There is a business triangle that is commonly used among contractors and those you employ contractors, though it is applicable in just about every business situation. The triangle has, on its three si
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Expect Great Things

Expect great things in your life. Expect all of the goodness and ferociousness and fearlessness and confidence that you should have in your life. Expect high quality drug and alcohol testing to make a
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Popular Employee Becomes Withdrawn? Is it Cocaine?

Ecstasy can make people become more affectionate. Speed can make people feel more energetic. GHB has euphoric qualities. Depressants can produce feelings of contentment.1 These are all valid effects o
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