Personal Agendas and Marijuana Breaks

What do your employees do while they are on break? You can probably guess some of the regular activities: smoking, getting some coffee, grabbing a snack, gossiping with a coworker, etc. However, if th
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People and Their Secrets

People are often very possessive of their secrets. They may feel that their secrets make them special. They may even feel that their secrets give them something which they can truly possess, as long a
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Crowd Intelligence and Individual Intelligence

The author was lounging around in their office one day when they got into a discussion of politics with their colleague. The conversation turned toward voting and rights and trust in other people to m
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The Intellectual of a Hundred Years Ago

A hundred years ago, the mind and attitude of an intellectual was slightly different than it is today. Today, things come so easily to all of us that we find it difficult to use out intellect like we
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Happy Days are Here Again

When you have a song stuck in your head, it can be almost murder to get it out again! Of course, if it's a song like "Happy Days are Here Again," it's not such a bad thing. However, if it’s "My Way"
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