Drug Testing and Modern Equipment

Drug testing did not used to be as refined of an art and science as it is today. In many cases, drug screening was so inaccurate as to make it almost wholly useless for any practical application. Sinc
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Competition or Cooperation

Cooperation is something that can sometimes seem hard to come by in the workplace. Coworkers love to nitpick and criticize each other, especially if it's behind each other's backs. However, there is s
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Substance Abusers Don’t Want to Work. Right? Wrong!

The man has been using drugs for approximately 10 years. About five years ago he started using ice (methamphetamine) and ended up homeless and poor, and alone after his girlfriend left him and his fam
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Whose Life are You Living, Anyway?

We all like to think that we are living the lives which we chose for ourselves. But, the truth be told, we are living lives which have been chosen for us by many people, including ourselves. We are li
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Growing Your Small Business

When you are looking to grow your small business, there are very few things which are better for this growth than using onsite drug and alcohol testing. Unlike with a large company, any employee missi
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