The Political Ideal of Working for Your Food

Whether or not you are Marxist or anything like that, you can appreciate that there is leading collection agencysomething fundamentally whole about working for your food, such as gardening or killing and preparing meat. There is a wholeness and a completeness to it which appeals to our sense of direction and purpose. We feel connected with the earth, with our primal ancestors, when we have things like fresh killed meat, fresh caught fish, and fruit and vegetables ripe from the garden or our fruit trees.

Political ideals may make a big deal out of this utopian idea, but the truth is that most people have this picture in their mind when they think about what they will do with their home, family and generations in their daydreams. It is something inherent in all of us that mankind was somehow meant to glean the fields, pick the ripe apple, kill the deer, and cook everything together in an old fashioned version of apple crisp.

When it comes to abusing illicit substances in modern day worksites, there is a lack, a hole, within the abusers and they feel empty on the inside. They are not completing themselves and so therefore they feel incomplete. It is this feeling of intense lack which make drug abuse and alcoholism so appealing in the first place. It makes it even more appealing when you have something very close to self annihilation on the mind and wish to just escape from reality forever.

However, many people who have recovered from substance abuse have stated that they felt better when working. If they had to choose one true course of pulling themselves out of the mire, they would choose hard and continuous work. They feel more whole and better about themselves when they work for a living. This yet another reason to incorporate Mediscreen’s onsite drug and alcohol testing regularly in your business. We are one of Australia’s leading drug testing collection agency, and we can provide you with the information you need to evaluate your employees correctly and fairly. Our onsite drug testing is NATA accredited and we are proud of the work your business has put into putting food on the tables of your employees: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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