Appreciation Wins over Speculation

We all love to feel appreciated. Remember, when you were courting your best girl or guy, how good it felt for them to give you compliments, for them to plan special gifts and surprises for you, and ho
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When You are Easily Influenced

Some of us are more easily influenced than others. No, this does not make us weaker and it does not make us idiots. It just means that our spirit reacts to external influences in more personal way. Ou
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Blue Water

When you think of water, you think of blue water. Very few people think of water as an actually clear substance, even though we all know that that is exactly what it is. Water is blue, in our minds. W
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The Best Path for Growth

Growth in business must be planned. The way a business system or business plan is set up is rather regimental and does not allow for any growth in the future, or very little, if it does. Growth must a
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Please Don’t Take Me Back

There is an inherent need in everyone to be needed. This can apply to romantic relationships, working friendships, and coworkers who are merely acquaintances. When someone is needed, when someone is n
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