The Intellectual of a Hundred Years Ago

AOD testing Australia wideA hundred years ago, the mind and attitude of an intellectual was slightly different than it is today. Today, things come so easily to all of us that we find it difficult to use out intellect like we would use our muscles, and that is equivalent to the way intellectuals a hundred years ago used their mental prowess. To study was to labor, as if in a field, because the mind while not being classified as a muscle, still develops and increases its neurons based upon how much it learns over time. So, the mind builds itself as you learn more.

Intellectuals back in the day understood this phenomenon. They understood that they bore a responsibility as relevant members of their society. They did not consider themselves nobodies. Now, that’s an interesting difference between then and now.

Because “the common man” is so revered and looked up to in today’s world, it is considered prideful or even arrogant to rise above your station in life and become more than “one of us.”

Of course, if you’ve ever abused drugs or alcohol, you already understand how even feeling normal is a goal toward which you strive every day. Even normal seems unrealistically high of your expectations. It is not very often that you find someone who can really make a lot of themselves and not feel on top of the world or extraordinary. The intellectual of a hundred years ago understood his worth, but knew that there were only a few with whom he could easily converse, a few who were like him.

Realism separates then and now. Today, we are more spiritual, but less realistic.

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