Self Discipline and the Art of Focusing

Self discipline is a huge trait to possess and a very difficult trait to obtain. It involves a great deal of single-mindedness, which is cultivated by focusing to an unbelievable degree on what you ar
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The Wizard of Oz

The wizard of Oz, a fictional character from an extremely eccentric children’s tale, is rumored to live in the middle of the Emerald City, and none but the most humble has access to him, and none bu
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D&A Testing Knows No Geographical Boundaries

It is tempting to think that drug and alcohol abuse is the purview of people who either: 1) live in cities and/or are part of the night club and dance party scene, and have enough income to substances
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The More Failure, The More Success

Yes, we’ve all heard it before, “You cannot succeed until you fail many times.” Well, that is truly depressing when you start out with a great idea and want it to succeed on the first try. After
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