Engaging With Employees to Gain Support for Drug Testing Program

Drug and alcohol testing is critical to employer efforts to maintain workplace health and safety. Equally important is engaging with employees so they adopt and accept the policy and principles that s
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Mediscreen’s Purpose

Mediscreen is one of the leading AOD screening companies based in Perth which provides services for all of Australia. No matter where your workplace is located, our mobile onsite drug and alcohol test
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Medical Marijuana

When someone wishes to obtain marijuana illegally and abuse it, they may attempt to go the route of acquiring medical marijuana, which, in some countries is legal if prescribed by a doctor for pain or
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Living Up To Your Goals

Well, we all have goals. Some of us just want our children to outgrow the yelling and screaming stage. Some of us want to have a nice, solid retirement upon which to live when we are older. Some of us
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Judgment on the Cellular Level

When we hold a thought or belief in our minds over a long period of time, we begin to imprint that belief into our bodies, on a cellular level. Once the belief is accepted as true by every cell in the
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