Mediscreen’s Purpose

Workplace Drug Testing LawsMediscreen is one of the leading AOD screening companies based in Perth which provides services for all of Australia. No matter where your workplace is located, our mobile onsite drug and alcohol testing provides you with the leading edge in employee testing. Mediscreen’s purpose is to bring people in contact with workplace drug testing and to ensure that everyone feels safe and confident during the screening process.

Of course, it is an added benefit to you that it is more cost effective for your company finances. Naturally, you will want to know if there are any comparable companies out there which offer the same services. Onsite drug and alcohol testing is only provided by a very small number of companies throughout Australia.

Mediscreen provides the kind of drug and alcohol testing which helps workers cut down their time spent on work related activities…when they’re not even on the job. Mediscreen focuses on the beauty of time saving and the simplicity of testing employees onsite.

Our purpose here at Mediscreen is to take the drug screening process, a process which many people find tedious and annoying, and to break it down into its functional parts and to make it mobile and easy to use…not to mention easy to implement.

How many times have you found yourself irritated with the seeming complexity of drug screening? Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way, at all. Mediscreen reveals the truth: the truth that onsite drug and alcohol screening is so much better than the alternative.

There is an appearance of complexity and time consumption and complicated paperwork, but appearance is not always the truth. The truth is that many people find themselves dreading the workplace drug testing process, when they admittedly have no reason to fear it.

It is not exactly a violation of privacy, after all. It is the invariable choice of companies to make the most out of themselves. It’s natural.

So, when you are looking for a high quality drug and alcohol testing company, look no further than Mediscreen. We are the right stop on your way to greatness. Call Mediscreen today and ask us any questions you like.For more information about our drug screening services, call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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