What A Sincere Apology Looks Like

When you have kids or are around kids a lot, you often hear the phrases, "Now, say you're sorry," and "Fine. I'm Sorrr-eeee." It's not real and everyone knows it. Even when followed by, "Say it like y
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Grudges and Old Associates

Grudges are one of the things that make the world go around. Yes, we said it. Grudges make the world go around. How can we possibly mean this? Well, for starters, grudges keep us in touch with our pas
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Do You Fight or Engage in Flight?

If you are naturally an aggressive person, then you probably have a lot of experience with engaging in conflict. If you are naturally a fighter or your fighting spirit is really well developed, then y
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Understanding Relationship of Fatigue and D&A

Fatigue and the use of drugs and alcohol is a topic that has been discussed for over a decade from a legal perspective. Consider the following statements made in court:1 Regina v Randall John Ha
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Emotionless Responses to Excited Employees

Let's say that one of your workers has gone off on a tangent. They are yelling, screaming, being obnoxious, preaching about their beliefs, or just generally causing a disturbance in the office or work
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