Drug Testing and Keystone Habits

mobile AOD screening In his book The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg talks about how keystone habits, which are habits which have a lot of influence over other, less important habits, can be the only habits you actually work on. The result is that the keystone habits actually affect a lot of change throughout the life of the individual, much more so than non-keystone habits which may only change one or two small things about an individual’s behavior.

By exercising, reading books, not smoking, and various other habits which are keystone to each particular individual, people are able to dramatically change their lives for the better. Individuals are able to focus on just that one habit, but in turn, it changes a lot of habits around it.

Conversely, if someone has a bad keystone habit, then just that one attribute of their lives can cause widespread destruction and they can really struggle to keep their lives under control and their heads above the water. That is dangerous and it is sad. Nobody should have to live with that much pain.

Companies can have keystone habits, as well. Workplace drug testing and alcohol testing is definitely one of these keystone habits. By implementing onsite drug and alcohol screening, you are making it much easier for your business to only retain employees who matter and to only keep workers who never abuse substances while at their place of work.

This is not just a legal matter.

Setting that keystone habit affects how well protected your company assets are, how loyal your workers you keep are to you, and how safe all of your employees are on a regular daily basis. It reduces stress that is normally caused by people who have really bad habits concerning drugs and spread their unnatural attitudes among the other employees. It does a lot of things besides directly screen for drug or alcohol abuse.

Mediscreen is a company specializing in onsite drug and alcohol testing. Being accredited by NATA for urine testing and being one of the leading companies in Australia which offers these services, Mediscreen has made a reputation for ourselves. Call us today:(+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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