Testing Outlying Worksites

Testing outlying worksites in your company can be a real problem. If you have mining sites which are far away from any sort of civilization, or if you have a jobsite which is purposely set in the midd
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Pharma Parties and the Youth

Throughout the civilized world, the youth of our nations have found a new kind of party. So called “Pharma parties” are events where each participant in the party brings their household stash of l
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Psychic Healing

When we hear the word “psychic” we of course think of people who play at telling the future. We think of fortune tellers. However, we often hear the word “psychic” if we happen to work in psyc
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The Vagaries of Drug Addiction

The definition of vagaries goes like this: An unexpected and inexplicable change in a situation or in someone’s behaviour. That definition certainly sounds like an employer describing a worker’s u
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Are You Really You?…Appropriate Methods of Sample Donor

In a bit of whimsy, words from Aretha Franklin’s song “Think” come to mind when discussing appropriate methods for identifying drug and alcohol sample donors. Franklin, always popular when she v
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