Testing Outlying Worksites

Testing outlying worksites in your company can be a real problem. If you have mining sites which are far away from any sort of civilization, or if Testing Outlying Worksitesyou have a jobsite which is purposely set in the middle of nowhere, your employees have to travel all the way into the city, maybe putting in hours worth of driving, in order to have themselves tested for substance abuse. The whole thing becomes costly and irritating, not to mention frustrating for the lack of efficiency involved.

Fortunately, Mediscreen provides onsite drug and alcohol screening, which will help all of your employees to be tested, whether they are on outlying worksites or not. In fact, this whole setup is designed for situations which are hard to reach or which require onsite drug and alcohol screening as a matter of convenience. Fortunately, Mediscreen can fulfill your needs and come to your worksite for you.

Well, that was easy. Not only will it prevent all of those employees having to travel, independently or together, to the city to be tested at a laboratory, but it will save you a lot of time and trouble because they are all screened together, at one time, at their own jobsite. It’s easy, simple, and quick.

So, is it effective?

Certainly. Mediscreen uses drug testing equipment from our sister company, CMM Technology, to do our drug and alcohol testing onsite. It’s a really great way of doing it, because their drug testing equipment is very effective, streamlined, and accurate. Then, we store employee records onsite, too. This streamlines the process for you and your workers, since they won’t have to get their own employee screening records from individual laboratories and travel all over the country to do so. It’s right there, at their place of work.

Outlying worksites are usually away from everything for a reason. But, getting everyone screened when they work in these places can seem unreasonably hard. This does not have to be the case, though. You can have both situations, as often as you schedule screening with us. For more information about onsite drug and alcohol screening, call Mediscreen today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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