A True Escape, A True Move

Have you ever known someone who, despite all of their efforts and concentration on new goals, always seem to fall back into the same old rut? Whether or not their friends and coworkers laugh about thi
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Feel the Pain

Do you remember, when you were a kid, dreading even the smallest amount of pain? Whether it was taking off a bandage or getting your blood drawn at the doctor's office, there was such a huge fear of
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Delighting in the Faults of Others

We have a little spite inside of us, and no matter how bad things get, we all have a little compassion, too. It is when we allow this spite to take over our inherent human natures that we find ourselv
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Interview with a Current Drug Addict

Drug addicts are difficult to assess sometimes, and therefore it may be helpful to have an interview with one and ask their own opinion of the situation. Here we go: What do you find to be the most d
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Avoid Destruction

Okay, well, it makes sense to "avoid destruction" if we can. Why would someone even write about that? The fact of the matter is that many people fail to analyze "destruction" before they get involved
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