Emotionless Responses to Excited Employees

drug screeningLet’s say that one of your workers has gone off on a tangent. They are yelling, screaming, being obnoxious, preaching about their beliefs, or just generally causing a disturbance in the office or worksite. Well, we know what that’s like. There are plenty of people who are far more vocal than it is professional to be.

Sometimes, somebody is just truly obnoxious. It is important to know how to handle your employees, no matter in what way they are excited. There has to be an atmosphere of calm professionalism in your demeanor toward other people, and your workers should all follow this lead.

Even if there is exciting news, keep relative calm (but joyful) and when there is bad news, take it in stride, and make sure that everybody sees you taking it in stride. By observing the actions and reactions of their leader, employees model their own behavior toward various situations. That means that you must always be on your guard as to your own behavior.

Mediscreen is part of a global effort to bring drug and alcohol testing to the private sector. Drug testing in Australia is a lot better because of the efforts of Mediscreen, a company which specializes in onsite drug and alcohol testing. We are also accredited by NATA for onsite drug testing. That means that we have an advantage in the business marketplace.

Today, Mediscreen brings you the best of onsite drug and alcohol screening by providing you screening services right at your place of work, and we do so quickly and efficiently and accurately. In drug screening, accuracy is of primary importance and we are proud to represent the drug and alcohol testing industry. With Mediscreen, you can make sure that excited employees are just, er, exuberant and nothing else. With Mediscreen, you can really make sure that none of your employees are breaking company policy.

We believe in you. Our services back that up. With the information from drug screening, you are able to make calm, rational decisions in the privacy of your own office, and this makes the job experience easier for everyone: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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