What A Sincere Apology Looks Like

When you have kids or are around kids a lot, you often hear the phrases, “Now, say you’re 4308 onsite collectionsorry,” and “Fine. I’m Sorrr-eeee.” It’s not real and everyone knows it. Even when followed by, “Say it like you mean it,” it doesn’t come across right and the child doing the apology obviously is not learning very much.

As adults, we have to remember some of these things, too. If you never learned how to properly apologize to someone as a kid, how much better can you be at it as an adult? Often, we just have to keep making mistakes until we get the “feel” of it down right. For that reason, it is often a preferred method to just let it go and try to figure out your own special way of apologizing.

But, it can be broken down to a science.

Some people are visual, some are kinesthetic, and some are auditory. Therefore, you could make your apology in person, face to face (auditory), followed by a hand written note of apology (visual), and when you talk to them in person, follow it with a light touch on their arm or, if they feel like they would accept it, by giving them a short, light but sincere hug. Don’t forget to smile and have a peaceful look on your face. It generates peace.

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