Perception of Personal Success

Drug Screening,  Drug & Alcohol TestingPersonal success is a very fickle woman, because it is entirely subjective and the resulting feeling of personal success and accomplishment is also entirely subjective. So does this mean that your level of success in life is based entirely upon your own choosing, discernment and decision? Well, yes, it is, but let’s explore this a little further so that we understand why this is the case.

Each individual has their own measure of success. We are not talking about pure abilities here, but just of their opinions of what success really is. Some people find lots of money to be successful. Some people think that good relationships are the key to success. Some find success in competition, athletic or otherwise, while other people believe that success lies in the ability to create and maintain peace in their own lives. So, the very definition of success is subjective.

Next, we move onto how success is achieved. Two people may value having a profession and gong to work every day. One of them may feel that success lies in working as hard as you can and putting your blood, sweat and tears into every aspect of your job and livelihood. The other person may define success through maintaining a good steady job over the years, not over-thinking it, and that success is defined by NOT sweating over problems and details at work, but by openly getting things done in a relaxed state. So, how success is achieved, even on identical goals, is subjective.

Employees who abuse drugs or alcohol are more likely to see themselves in a negative light, and their addiction emphasizes their own shortcomings in their own eyes. This is a painful process to watch and very few people want to play along with their game of self deception. Workplace drug testing can identify which of these people may, in the long run, cause a problem of morale and dissidence. Employee drug and alcohol screening is designed to alleviate this emotional burden from everyone’s minds, and foster a working environment which celebrates individual traits, rather than attacking them. Call Mediscreen today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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