Obese Mindsets

Workplace Drug Testing, Drug Testing EquipmentDr. Simeons is the creative and innovative developer of the notorious and permanently effective HCG diet. In a publicly available PDF, Dr. Simeons describes his decades of research in attempting to find a cure for obesity. He describes that someone who is even a little misshapen and overweight has the same problem that a fully obese person has. He talks about how obesity is rampant among individuals who are not able to maintain a normal body shape, and who have misshapen alien-like, pregnant-like and even misshapen underweight body shapes which are all the shape of obesity.

Then Dr. Simeons said something quite revolutionary in his freely available PDF on obesity and why HCG works so well and yields permanent results. He said that the cause for obesity of any level is an emotional imbalance which is not addressed and then manifests itself in these ridiculous body types which are prevalent throughout first world countries and some third world countries. In his research, he found that people who are able to maintain their body type effectively do not starve themselves and in many cases eat more than the average person who is obese. So, obesity is clearly not a result of overeating or any type of specific diet.

Obesity begins with this unaddressed emotional imbalance, then manifesting itself in the body in fat deposits and in fat deficiencies (as in the case of misshapen underweight individuals) which can barely be touched by exercise or normal diet changes. Now, even though his PDF goes on to describe the HCG protocol and why different parts of your body will behave in various ways during the protocol, the cause for obesity must still be given some attention.

If unaddressed emotional imbalance affects the permanent fat regulation in your body, then unnatural behavior which supports emotional imbalance, such as drug abuse and alcoholism, will only perpetuate the process further. Mediscreen brings onsite drug and alcohol screening services to all of Australia and we are here to keep your business fully and effectively regulated. Call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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