Happiness, Unbelievable Happiness

leading collection agencyConsistency is one of the marks of a good leader in business. If you would like to be a good leader, then remember that consistency motivates your employees and makes them feel safe and secure within your business. So, that means that if you are sad, depressed or unbelievably happy, it may be in your best interests to tone things down a bit and make your outward, public behavior more consistent.

Therefore, we ask that you begin to see your business in a way that you may have not seen it before. Rather than looking upon it as a mountain, or a large building, or an entity made up of knowledge and people, look upon your business as a large, deep, wide, smoothly flowing river. Think of all of the different ways in which your company has grown and developed over the years. Try to think of your operations in the format of a wide river with various currents underneath the surface, but which is otherwise fairly smoothly flowing and continuous in its progress.

That is the measure of consistency that it may be best for you to have. You may inspire your employees temporarily when you are really happy, but the truth is that your behavior may show a large decrease in energy when you return to your normal state. That change, especially frequent changes like this, can be really detrimental to your employees’ state of mind.

The same thing applies to your workers. If they are locked into a battle of wits, emotional turmoil, or some other roller coaster effect with one of their coworkers, then their productivity and sense of morale can greatly suffer. Therefore, it is in your best interests to bring workplace drug testing, NATA accredited drug screening, to your place of business. Mediscreen is particularly adept with onsite drug and alcohol testing, and it is more convenient for both you and your employees to be screened at work rather than a laboratory. Don’t let substance abuse create a roller coaster effect on your workers. Get everyone screened on a regular basis, and help them to stay safe by identifying any potentially problematic employees in this way. Call Mediscreen today for more information: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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