The Next Morning

"The Morning After" often refers to the next day's complications arising from a spontaneous and perhaps somewhat unwise romantic tryst of the night before. Naturally, many people talk about the mornin
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Personal Problems or Substance Abuse?

One of the reasons that random drug and alcohol testing programs are so important has nothing to do with keeping substances out of the workplace. It has to do with fairness and not rushing to judgment
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Energy of Assurance

Workplace drug testing, if used correctly, is part of a set of reassurances that any business provides its employees. For example, a company has a set of reassurances for its workers, including the re
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Controversy in the News

News media can be really depressing but, more than that, it can influence the consumer market a great deal. When people wish to be kept up to date on local activities and projects, or when they are in
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