Manners, Courtesy, and the Power of the Ancients

Alcohol Drug TestingManners are the act of making everyone feel comfortable with you, no matter what the setting may be. Courtesy brings out the best in people and helps them to never feel attacked or judged, even if they are the most fallible human being in the world. Examples of great courtesy include kind elderly gentlemen who are always chivalrous, contributing to agreement rather than argument in a group setting, and always thinking of what would make others feel comfortable and at ease when they are around you.

The ancient historians also understood the power of courtesy. They used this knowledge well, and this enabled them to write to each other with long letters and to discuss various philosophies, mathematical concepts, and learning adaptations, all without risking losing the friendship or the mutual benefit that they received from said friendship.

Today, things are a bit more casual and communication is considered a little less magnificent.

Ease of transfer is the greatest achieved in today’s world, with manners and courtesy taking a backseat, waiting on technological innovation. In the workplace, if an employee abuse drugs or alcohol, their behavior becomes really atrocious when there was a time when slightly tipsy workers were still benign and okay to be around.

Times have changed a great deal.

Not only is employee onsite drug and alcohol screening possible, but it is necessary. Perhaps it would not have been necessary a hundred years ago, but it is definitely part of today’s norm, and it contributes vast amounts of knowledge to company records. Mediscreen, being a NATA accredited medical testing company, is one of the leading companies based in Perth which is servicing the whole of Australia. If you would like to employ workplace drug testing in your own office or jobsite, remember Mediscreen and our eagerness to show you the courtesy and manners which are due you.

Any client of ours is a client worth retaining and we take our business very seriously. Onsite drug and alcohol testing is meant to be a useful tool, and we do our very best to make the experience an enjoyable one for you. Call Mediscreen today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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