Onsite Drug Testing Improves Morale

Alcohol testing, Alcohol Drug Testing, Drug Alcohol TestingRespect in the workplace is crucial for operations to flow smoothly. Respect is one of the most important mediums to maintain healthy coworker and employer-employee relationships. Without it, employees become dissatisfied and produce very little, even if their hours are increased, and managers become frustrated and lose patience more frequently. Onsite drug and alcohol testing improves employee morale, as well as employer visions for the future. Yes, we know that is a pretty steep claim to make. How is this so?

Workplace drug testing creates an environment of stability within which to work

It is difficult to live in an unsteady home environment and it can be just as stressful to work on an unsteady jobsite. Workplace drug testing facilitates knowledge that your workplace is safe and free from creeps who would bring their abusive, destructive natures into your daily activities.

Drug and alcohol testing lowers personal stress

Some of us work better within a structured environment, where self discipline is not as much of an issue. Drug and alcohol screening prevents weak behavior which is attracted to taking the easy way out when things become stressful. When you are expected to buck up and take problems in stride, it becomes easier to do so. Drug and alcohol testing helps you to not sink into easy habits.

Employee drug testing displays respect toward your staff members

Every employee wants to feel respected by their superiors. Drug testing helps show this respect for them by demanding that they give you their best. When your expectation is that they perform well, they feel better about themselves and perform better. You are showing them respect by testing them. If you did not expect their best, you would be disrespectful toward them.

Onsite drug and alcohol testing respects their time away from work

Many employees are unsatisfied with drug testing for their job because it means that they have to take personal time to go to a laboratory and wait in line to get tested. Onsite drug and alcohol testing brings our staff and qualified professionals to your place of work, 24/7, day or night. We would love to make your workplace more convenient and your employees please with your management of their valuable time.

Mediscreen offers excellent onsite drug and alcohol testing services for Western Australia. We are based in Perth, and we would love to hear from you today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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