You are Your Own Creator

mobile AOD screeningEvery really good and successful self help book out there helps you see how you are in control of your own life. Of course, all of us are in control of our own lives. It’s just that a few of us really don’t always FEEL in control of our lives. It is the feeling, not the reality, which makes us afraid. If you knew that you could control the feeling forever, though, wouldn’t you take that opportunity?

People who know how to make things happen, i.e. the billionaires of the world, suggest that we focus on what makes us unbelievably, unspeakably happy and to then commit to pouring our all into those efforts. After all, if we can control how we feel, can’t we then control any other part of our lives? Can’t we then control our reality because we are no longer afraid or paranoid or ill at ease?

It all has to do with mental habits.

Through mental habits, you can make or break yourself and you can determine just how much of your life is controlled by which of your feelings at any point in time. It’s a very systematic approach. You just have to use daily affirmations, regular contact with friends who love you, and good self-care to really bring about those changes in your mental habits. It can be easy if you work at it regularly, all day, every day.

However, for those of us who abuse illicit substances on a regular basis, the world seems to be getting away from us, to be moving further and further from our feeling of control. That is because we ourselves are out of control. To make things better in your business, use Mediscreen. We specialize in onsite drug and alcohol screening, and our mobile drug and alcohol testing services are known all over Australia, and are used all over this great country of ours. We are NATA accredited for medical testing, and we are really proud of what we do. Please join our team of clients and make proper employee screening applicable in your own business. This is who you get the information you need to run your company: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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