When can I use the helpline?

The help line is used only if you are testing at that moment and have a problem or question that you would like to resolve immediately. Our coordinators will assist you 24/365! All other enquiri

What is a detected/positive drug test result?

A positive or detected result is another expression for the presence of drugs found in the test. If the onsite test device suggests that a drug is present at or above the nominated concentration (ac

What is a drug & alcohol test procedure?

A drug and alcohol test procedure may be part of an employers 'Fit for Work' policy that regulates the management of alcohol and other drugs in the work place.

What is GC/MS?

GC/MS is an acronym for Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry. It is considered the 'Gold Standard' in confirmatory testing and is used when an in-field result shows positive/detected result and a high

What is Mediscreen™?

Mediscreen™ is primarily an on-site drug and alcohol screening system. It is designed to enable independent operators to perform drug and alcohol testing which is aligned to relevant legislation and
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