Thunder in the Stadiums

Have you ever booked an event arena or been a viewer in a huge stadium? What happens Thunder in the Stadiumswhen the crowd goes wild? What happens when everyone is one their feet, shouting for their winner, whoever they may be? It is thunder in the stadiums. You feel it. You feel the power and people and the energy, like lightning, racing around the field and through the crowd. You feel it within yourself. The lights, the smells, the wildness, the bigness of it all, and the illusive electric energy which you feel in every second of the even preparation.

Thunder in the stadiums reminds us all that it is not just mob mentality which controls crowds. It is also a mastermind of support and camaraderie which has an indubitable effect upon everyone in this stadium. It is not just dangerous mob crowds which control a group of people. It is also positive emotions like game support and sporting events. For this reason, businesses are a composite of positive group energy, when they are run at their best. This means when they are an optimal system and the spirit and energy of the business is combined with many organizational systems. This is really important, because it means that the success of the business is not dependent upon the individual people, but upon the systems. This is necessary to understand before you begin a company, but also before you begin a job. The dependency is upon the systems, not the people.

Of course, if you have people who are not doing their jobs or who are under the influence of illicit substances, like drugs or alcohol, then you have a problem. Mediscreen is the leading onsite drug and alcohol testing company in Australia, and we provide mobile drug and alcohol testing nationwide. We are NATA accredited for medical testing to AS308 and AS4760. Our workplace testing service based in Perth, WA is available all over the country. So remember the power of combing quality employees with good, sound systems. We here at Mediscreen know how influential a crowd of good employees can be. Call us today for more information: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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