This New Technology We Seek

This New Technology We SeekIn the 1700’s, boys and girls would lay themselves on their backs in the grass and stare up at the sky and dream of being a bird that flies. Today, we can use nothing more than a week’s paycheck to get on a plane and see things from a bird’s point of view. As little as fifty years ago, we dreamed of being able to talk to each other directly by video screens, and today, our five year olds can use and operate a free version of Skype.

Whatsoever the mind of man can dream, and bring himself to believe, he can achieve.

Today, we do not necessarily seek new technology, but more ways of using it to forge meaningful connections with each other. The fact that your aunt can leave you a private message on Facebook in response to a public post you made is a simple, effective way of communicating. However, many people feel isolated by this. They seek face to face interaction and the tactile touching of hugs and handshakes. In this respect, many people feel that technology has in some ways turned us backward.

The technology we seek right now is working methods which are simple to understand and yet highly powerful to use. Systems like workplace drug testing, particularly the onsite drug and alcohol screening in Australia today, are especially effective in displaying ways of getting the job done without investing too much time, energy, or emotional ability into the situation. Mediscreen is a part of the solution to this energy and time investment. We come to your place of business, we screen you and your employees onsite, your employee records are stored with your business, and we exit as soon as is practicable. That is the way that it should be done. Simple. Easy.

The health and wellness specialists in Mediscreen are particularly qualified for the worker health checks and mobile drug and alcohol testing that we provide. We are proud of our people and of the services we provide to great businesses like yours. Remember to ask us about any of the additional services we have listed on our website, and call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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