Do You Fight or Engage in Flight?

If you are naturally an aggressive person, then you probably have a lot of experience with engaging in conflict. If you are naturally a fighter or your fighting spirit is really well developed, then y
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Understanding Relationship of Fatigue and D&A

Fatigue and the use of drugs and alcohol is a topic that has been discussed for over a decade from a legal perspective. Consider the following statements made in court:1 Regina v Randall John Ha
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New Commitments and Those Butterflies in Your Stomach

Anyone who has ever made a new, large commitment in their life knows exactly how scary and yet simultaneously exciting new commitments can be. Drug testing in Australia is meant to be reliable and str
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Are You Really You?…Appropriate Methods of Sample Donor

In a bit of whimsy, words from Aretha Franklin’s song “Think” come to mind when discussing appropriate methods for identifying drug and alcohol sample donors. Franklin, always popular when she v
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Return to the Flow of Work with Onsite Drug Screening

When a business does its day to day operations, it is like a machine. Somebody inputs something, like paper or wood chips or water, and the machine is turned on and processes the material until the pa
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