The Journey and the Destination

The journey and the destination are the dichotomy of the century. Today, we are told that it is not the destination but the journey, when fifty years ago we were told that it is not the journey but th
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Action makes Motivation

A lot of people, including the author herself up until recently, believe that motivation is what inspires action. Motivation is the offshoot of circumstances. It is not the originator of circumstances
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A Case for Sweating It Out

When you hear the phrase "hard work," you often think of a strong back glistening with sweat engaged in hard labor. Either that or you may think of spending every free moment at the office or on the
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The Laws of Nature and the Workplace

Nature has many laws, which are in order of importance and can overrule natural laws below them. We have the law of gravity, which overrules many things, but not the law of lift. The law of lift allow
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