Den Behavior

Anyone who has any great experience with dogs knows that dogs travel and play and fight in packs and that when a dog joins a human family, they become part of his pack. Of course, all humans are alpha
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Daily Chores and Fixed Intent

Some people believe in the power of intention or visualization when it comes to manifesting or attracting certain things into your life. They believe that you get what you put out and that your though
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Details, Details

Details are everywhere. They fly in at the door. They come in the mail. They are part of your auto payment agreement. Details work their way into the grimy corners of your kitchen counter. They find t
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Avoid Destruction

Okay, well, it makes sense to "avoid destruction" if we can. Why would someone even write about that? The fact of the matter is that many people fail to analyze "destruction" before they get involved
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Food Addiction and Alcohol Abuse

Food addiction is just another part of covering up or masking the problem in someone's life. Food addiction is the emotional eating of food, even if you are not hungry, because the endorphins released
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