Smokers Anonymous

Smokers can be anyone from cigar smokers to cigarette addicts, but whatever the case, the stuff is legal so there is not much you can do about it. However, many addicts simply switch addictions when t
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Do Addicts Choose to be Addicts?

“To be or not to be?” If Hamlet were to present his soliloquy today he might phrase the question a bit differently: To be a drug addict or not to be a drug addict? That begs another question: Is a
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What To Expect When They Run Out of Options

Everyone cracks under pressure. When someone is put under enough strain, enough pressure, and enough stress, they will eventually snap. It is a measure of their character and of their background to se
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Reach Out for Richer Friends

There is a very true statement concerning how people interact with each other. It is said that your income equals the average income Reach Out for Richer Friendsof your five closest friends. This is n
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Interview with a Recovering Drug Addict

Q: How long have you been sober? A: I’ve been sober for about five months now. Q: Do you still find it difficult now that your body has gone through most of the withdrawal? A: Oh, yes, absolutely
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