The Political Ideal of Working for Your Food

Whether or not you are Marxist or anything like that, you can appreciate that there is something fundamentally whole about working for your food, such as gardening or killing and preparing meat. There
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The Mindset of Weakness and Helplessness

Weakness and helplessness are caused by people feeling as if they cannot do something that, in a different mindset, they would be able to successfully pull off. Helplessness and weakness are part of a
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Happiness, Unbelievable Happiness

Consistency is one of the marks of a good leader in business. If you would like to be a good leader, then remember that consistency motivates your employees and makes them feel safe and secure within
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Drug Screening Test Points

Today is a beautiful day. The weather is just as it should be, the air is crackling with purpose and live energy, and the day is progressing through its various steps in a purpose filled and determine
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Do Businesses Really Care?

Do companies really care about what happens to their employees during the onsite drug and alcohol screening they give their employees? Mediscreen can testify that, absolutely, businesses really care a
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