How to Deal with Tipsy Employees

You may have just had an office party, celebrated someone's birthday, or just gone out with your workers and returned to work to finish a project. Whatever the case, there are times when a seemingly l
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Forced Elopement: The Art of Finding a Good Son-In-Law

It is often said in good stories, that the father of the bride is one of the wisest of all of the characters. After being denied time together and after being denied all chance at love, the young coup
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Strength in Numbers and Work Related Tasks

There is strength in numbers, or so we have heard. Yes, two hundred warships are likely to win against two warships, but other than that, is there any finesse in numbers? The truth is that a good gene
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Forcing It versus Letting It Grow Organically

Forcing a situation is productive when the end result outweighs the effort put into forcing it. In general, forcing anything is automatically placed under the category of Plan B, second best. Plan A,
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Crowd Intelligence and Individual Intelligence

The author was lounging around in their office one day when they got into a discussion of politics with their colleague. The conversation turned toward voting and rights and trust in other people to m
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