Do Addicts Choose to be Addicts?

“To be or not to be?” If Hamlet were to present his soliloquy today he might phrase the question a bit differently: To be a drug addict or not to be a drug addict? That begs another question: Is a
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The Difference between Tradition and Wisdom

Isn’t it interesting how tradition is always cited as the founder of great and ancient wisdom? Of course, we know this to not be true. Workplace Drug Testing LawsAs we progress through technology an
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Training Supervisors to Detect Substance Abuse

Alcohol and drug testing using breathalysers, saliva and urine tests is an important deterrent to employee substance use in the workplace. However, it is just one deterrent and should be recognised as
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Lack of Sleep and Morning Blues

People who regularly abuse drugs and alcohol are notoriously late sleepers. They stay up late, dealing with their problems, or at least drowning them with their addiction, and they can barely stand to
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Ditch the Drugs

When somebody abuses drugs or alcohol, a single pattern of behavior has been initiated. Any singular actions we take are considered a single pattern of behavior. Now, when we continue this behavior ov
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