Believe in Your Workers

Of course, we would all like to think that our bosses believe in us. We would all like to think that our employers have a certain mentoring role over us. If our bosses were our mentors, then we would
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Wild Abundance

Nature is filled with wild abundance. There is no example in nature of needs being 'just' filled, or of wants and desires being provided "just enough." Nature is wildly abundant and overflowing with e
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Acting on Faith

Faith is one of those things that we all know that we should have in some respect, but since it's not taught at school, we rarely know the exact way to put it to use or to leverage it on our behalf.
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Speed and Other Uppers

Speed is one of the “upper” drugs, which causes the individuals to become hyperactive, with heightened senses of awareness and prolonged periods of waking time. In fact, individuals on speed often
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The Cost of Small Business

If you run the numbers, you will find that the cost of small business is, on average, far more expensive per person and per unit of business than the cost of a large company. What does that mean for y
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