The Mindset of Weakness and Helplessness

Weakness and helplessness are caused by people feeling as if they cannot do something that, in a different mindset, they would be able to successfully pull off. Helplessness and weakness are part of a
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Enduring Pain

When you accidentally cut your finger with a knife, you have a sharp moment of pain, and then some soreness while you wrap it up, and then it's over. If, however, you break your knee, the pain coming
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Comfort found in Discomfort

Comfort can be found in discomfort, and it is all a matter of time when your problems, whatever they may be, will pass, anyway. The way that comfort can be found in awkwardness, discomfort, or remotel
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Candy and Sunshine

Candy has been used as a drug mover for decades, possibly centuries. Candy helps people to sell drugs, use drugs, and distribute drugs to the point where they have a lot of clients since a great numbe
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Silk Road Closed but Drug Buying Continues

Anyone who regularly purchases illicit drugs is likely to be familiar with the term "Silk Road". For those unfamiliar with it, Silk Road was an online black marketplace where people could buy illicit
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