Believe in Six Impossible Things

In the legendary tale of Alice in Wonderland, Alice scorns the idea of believing in impossible things. The Queen replies by saying that she guessed that Alice really hadn't had much practice. She goes
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People and Their Secrets

People are often very possessive of their secrets. They may feel that their secrets make them special. They may even feel that their secrets give them something which they can truly possess, as long a
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Whose Life are You Living, Anyway?

We all like to think that we are living the lives which we chose for ourselves. But, the truth be told, we are living lives which have been chosen for us by many people, including ourselves. We are li
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Waiting for Bad Things

We all know how nerve wracking it is to wait for something bad to happen. We also know how important it is to always be on the watch for good things to occur when and where they do. If we have a big d
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Growing Your Small Business

When you are looking to grow your small business, there are very few things which are better for this growth than using onsite drug and alcohol testing. Unlike with a large company, any employee missi
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