Manners, Courtesy, and the Power of the Ancients

Manners are the act of making everyone feel comfortable with you, no matter what the setting may be. Courtesy brings out the best in people and helps them to never feel attacked or judged, even if the
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Lean, Mean, Competitive Star

Everyone knows that whichever fighting champion is in the best shape is the one who is most likely to win against their opponent. It's not about all of the fancy moves they know. In fact, very few cha
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The Absence of Fear

When someone brings alcohol or drugs to the workplace and abuses them, they can cause a great deal of fear to spread throughout their coworkers. These people are, indeed, out of control, and they seem
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Going on a Cocaine Binge for Unexpected Reasons?

"I can’t ever shake the blues. I need cocaine to survive." "I sure like the way cocaine makes me feel. Think I'll get high" "The cocaine is wearing off. Time to find some more." Cocaine is usual
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The Best Hard Worker

The best hard worker is the one in which you can place the most trust and expect to reap the most reward. No, not everyone can be "trained" or "motivated" to become this type of worker, but there are
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