Mental Health and Substance Abuse…Why Employers Should Care

Most Australian employers are well aware of the fact that people use drugs and alcohol for many reasons. It is generally agreed that the employer will implement a drug and alcohol testing program in c
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New Commitments and Those Butterflies in Your Stomach

Anyone who has ever made a new, large commitment in their life knows exactly how scary and yet simultaneously exciting new commitments can be. Drug testing in Australia is meant to be reliable and str
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Do Addicts Choose to be Addicts?

“To be or not to be?” If Hamlet were to present his soliloquy today he might phrase the question a bit differently: To be a drug addict or not to be a drug addict? That begs another question: Is a
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What To Expect When They Run Out of Options

Everyone cracks under pressure. When someone is put under enough strain, enough pressure, and enough stress, they will eventually snap. It is a measure of their character and of their background to se
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Testing Outlying Worksites

Testing outlying worksites in your company can be a real problem. If you have mining sites which are far away from any sort of civilization, or if you have a jobsite which is purposely set in the midd
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