New Transitions

New transitions are meant to establish a new way of looking at the world, embracing the future, and preparing for your future goals to grow and become fruitful. As in growing any type of long term pla
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Enduring Pain

When you accidentally cut your finger with a knife, you have a sharp moment of pain, and then some soreness while you wrap it up, and then it's over. If, however, you break your knee, the pain coming
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Comfort found in Discomfort

Comfort can be found in discomfort, and it is all a matter of time when your problems, whatever they may be, will pass, anyway. The way that comfort can be found in awkwardness, discomfort, or remotel
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Candy and Sunshine

Candy has been used as a drug mover for decades, possibly centuries. Candy helps people to sell drugs, use drugs, and distribute drugs to the point where they have a lot of clients since a great numbe
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Believing in Yourself, For Your Own Sake

A lot of companies encourage their employees to improve themselves, but this is not always taken up by their workers. There is a lot of controversy as to whether it is appropriate to help yourself whe
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