Forced Elopement: The Art of Finding a Good Son-In-Law

It is often said in good stories, that the father of the bride is one of the wisest of all of the characters. After being denied time together and after being denied all chance at love, the young coup
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What is Character Development?

We were often told that we had to develop our characters as children. Did anybody understand this phrase at that age? It can be difficult to understand it, even at our current age. Developing characte
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Exercises in Success, Rinse and Repeat

We are all familiar with the old shampoo bottle adage "rinse and repeat" which is printed on all our showering hair care regimen materials. Of course, when you are exercising other skills besides lath
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Alluring Office Personnel

We have all known alluring office personnel. Particularly, there is usually one or two people in the office who far outreach everyone else when it comes to looks. Their allure is extremely clear. It i
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Dangerous Coworkers

Have you ever worked with someone of whom you were afraid? Have you ever been in that position before? It can fill you with dread just to think about earning your livelihood around them. It can make y
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