Bright Blue Seas

Have you ever seen the movie The Shawshank Redemption? If you have not, then it's okay to just keep reading. If you have, though, you will remember one of the last lines spoken by Morgan Freeman's cha
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Tech Savvy Generations Buying Drugs Online

When Daniel Skelly was found dead in his home November 2013 from a drug overdose, it was a complete shock to everyone who knew him. The death was sudden, which was a shock in itself since he was only
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Do You Put Yourself in Bad Situations?

When interviewing a former police officer and detective, the author asked this man about men and women who put themselves in dangerous situations. How likely was a woman to fend off an attack from a m
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The Last Minute

We have all, at some point in our lives, waited until the last minute to get something done. Of course, this is not considered to be the best option available to people, and many people think of it as
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Lean, Mean, Competitive Star

Everyone knows that whichever fighting champion is in the best shape is the one who is most likely to win against their opponent. It's not about all of the fancy moves they know. In fact, very few cha
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