Forgiving Yourself

Everyone makes mistakes. It is just part and parcel of the human spirit. We cannot live on this earth without making mistakes. Some of us are higher strung than others. Even a little bit of error in o
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Looking Ahead: Detecting Emerging Drug Trends

There is an old saying that says, "Ignorance is bliss," which goes along with the saying, "What you don't know, can’t hurt you." Neither saying applies when talking about the use of drugs and alcoho
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In A Team of Two

Okay, your company has two employees. There is no earthly reason why you should use alcohol and drug testing, is there? After all, if someone is not doing their job properly, then it is evident to the
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Workplace Messages on Substance Abuse Influences Community

Employers have a duty to provide a safe workplace, and the drug and alcohol programs instituted in the workplace are one of many strategies instituted to fulfil that duty. Employees also have a duty t
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Stealing Medical Supplies

Any medical professional will tell you that, even in the medical field, there are plenty of untrustworthy people who are looking to make a profit in a back alley transaction. This can include anything
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