Strangling Effects on Your Work

AOD screening WAIf your work is suffering, it may not be because of your lack of motivation or will to do it. It may be because of other factors. Have you ever noticed the spirit of the workplace in which you perform your job? Have you ever noticed how everything feels as a whole and whether or not the other employees are high quality people? Chances are that if you don’t feel like you are in the company of quality people, one or two of them may be engaging in drug or alcohol abuse.

It is this type of disrespect for the professionalism in your workplace that can really make you want to give them only one strike before you fire them. However, many companies have a three strike policy, where the employees gets two chances to retain their employment before they are finally fired because they abuse illicit substances at work for a third time.

If your coworkers are around people who engage in this type of behavior, then their lack of motivation will be contagious and will spread to your other coworkers and maybe even to you. If, however, you are the boss and these are your employees to whom we are referring then you may find it easier to help them over rough patches by carefully guiding them along the path which needs to be traveled.

There are many strangling effects on your work, but drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace is one of the major ones, even if you are not the substance abuser yourself. Just being around irresponsible people is depressing. Make sure your employees are not suffering from this type of work de-motivation.

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