Starting Over and Over Again

NATA AS4308 AS4760 accreditedStarting over when you fail is something that all of us have some ability in. However, some of us have more ability in it than others. If you are looking to make sure that your business doesn’t go under, then you are more likely to stretch yourself past your own comfort zone more and more until the job gets done. If you are just wanting to keep your relationship on track, but not much more than that, you might only put forth the minimal effort, while still making sure that the job gets done, but only just.

These different levels of tenacity within people really make them who they are today. It is part of what makes their character strong, unyielding, and highly resilient to change and external controversy, and it is part of what makes their personality as yielding and yet not breaking as it is. By starting over and over again, you are demonstrating to yourself your own commitment to making money, keeping your marriage in good health, and so on, and by demonstrating it to yourself, you are sending atomic bomb like waves of energy into the universe demonstrating your purpose and your strictness with yourself and with those with whom you interact.

We all know the power of treating yourself well first, and then the energy easily spreading out into other areas of your life. The same holds with being tenacious and sticking with the goal you have planned. You won’t give up on yourself and so therefore demonstrate how easily or how much difficulty others should have in giving up on you.

In business, employees who abuse illicit substances, like drugs or alcohol, are part of a global mentality that, if you continue to abuse yourself, somehow it will clear away the debris and good things will eventually happen to you. But, instead, you are telling everyone else how to abuse you, as well. It is a statement to the world enlisting their aid in what you determined to keep doing to yourself and to have done to yourself.

Make sure this isn’t happening in your own business. Mediscreen provides drug and alcohol screening nationwide through our onsite drug and alcohol screening programs. We come to your place of business through our mobile drug and alcohol testing and we screen your employees for you, rather than having them go to laboratories all of the time. We are AS4308 and AS4760 accredited, and we bring the spirit of security and the power of information to your fingertips. Just let us show you how much easier this process can be with Mediscreen: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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