Please Don’t Take Me Back

danger deep waterThere is an inherent need in everyone to be needed. This can apply to romantic relationships, working friendships, and coworkers who are merely acquaintances. When someone is needed, when someone is needed to do something or be somewhere or just for emotional or financial support, they feel a purpose in their lives which they had not felt before.

However, when someone knows that they are swimming way out of their depth, they often take some sort of action, whether it is appropriate for the circumstances or not, in order to extricate themselves from any future obligations or association with those circumstances.

The same thing applies in the workplace. If someone finds themselves to be incompetent for work, they usually don’t keep swimming out of their depth, so to speak, looking for a foothold or waiting until they have become acclimatizes to their new position. They tend to take action and get themselves out of that job, whether using good methods or bad.

In this manner, there is essentially a self-cleaning aspect to any system of events or systems where people work together to form a living organism such as a business. There is, to put it bluntly, a self-sufficient toxic waste removal aspect to any gathering or matching together of humans.

However, not everyone leaves the workplace before they have caused damage to themselves or others through being affected by their drug or alcohol abuse. They must be held legally liable, but this liability falls upon the company. Therefore, accountability must be made from the individual to the business. Drug and alcohol testing is this accountability, or one form of it, at least.

Workplace drug testing is part of the natural “self-cleaning” processes that successful businesses use to make sure that they are only employing qualified people who are emotionally and mentally competent. Mediscreen is NATA accredited for onsite drug testing, and we really recommend the money saving and stress saving aspects of onsite drug and alcohol screening. Mediscreen has NATA accreditation to AS 4308 and AS 4760. We are a part of your business when we go into partnership with your company. To schedule onsite drug and alcohol testing for your business, contact us here at Mediscreen today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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