Opiates and the New Opium Houses

There was a time when opium houses were all over London and any other major port city which gave sailors and the exotic travelers a break from reality. When we say this, we mean a really…really…long break from reality.Opiates and the New Opium Houses

Opium is one of the most psychedelic drugs that you can take, and it is extremely powerful at removing you from your current reality and essentially going on a rollercoaster ride in your own mind. Using past experiences in your life, hidden memories, or just your plain old imagination, opium can take you on a trip that will be so realistic and so touchable, that you will feel as if your senses are really there and that this is not, in fact, a dream after all.

We are not intended the previous paragraph to be in support of opium at all.

Instead, we are trying to explain how powerful the drug is and why many people would choose this form of addiction to other forms which simply take the edge off of your current reality.

Opiates are drugs, sometimes legal pharmaceuticals, which have opium based components, and therefore give the abuser a very diluted version of real opium. Workplace drug testing is mean to help businesses understand who may be abusing these substances on a regular basis and who has real prescriptions for such things. Mediscreen, a NATA accredited medical testing company, specializes onsite drug and alcohol screening, and we are very interested in protecting the Australian business community from any potential threat from anyone who might be abusing opium or opium based drugs.

Alcohol and drug testing is meant to reveal data about specific or common drugs and to be used by businesses on a regular basis to help out their other employees evaluative measures. However, when it comes to real opium or anything that carries strong opium qualities, the sooner identified the better. Drug and alcohol testing is meant to deliver data and this is something about which everyone should be informed if their employees are delving into this stuff. By removing the mind completely from reality, employees can really be a danger to themselves or to others and not even know it at the time. For more information regarding onsite drug and alcohol testing services, call Mediscreen today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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