Misery Does NOT Love Company

While we all enjoy getting together to complain about the same thing because we believe drug testing Australiathat it gives us some sort of relief or venting power, misery does not always love company. Some people who are introverted and keep to themselves only withdraw further into their own worlds when they are looking to get away from it all. This means that they have no desire to be helped by outsiders and it means that they are looking to gain peace, or at least to mask their pain, by collecting their thoughts in private and by working everything out for themselves.

Extroverts, or people who love being sociable most of the time, still have a great desire to receive help from other people. In fact, the energy of other people, as long as it is positive energy, really makes them feel good and they walk away from bad circumstances feeling uplifted and hopeful.

Often, extroverts do not understand introverts, and they call them “shy” as if somehow introverts are fearful of being around other people. It is simply a preference and they enjoy putting their energy inward rather than outward.

Now, if misery loves company in some ways, it certainly despises company in other ways. You see, if introverts are given the chance, they would choose to be by themselves and to figure things out in the privacy of their own minds rather than airing things in public and then discussing and arguing the matter with other extroverts until everyone feels satisfied. Introverts often want a definite concrete solution.

It is important that when introverts abuse drugs or alcohol, they are not able to isolate themselves fully from the world around them. That is how their abuse can turn into obsession.

And, I should know. I am a hardcore introvert, myself.

That is why Mediscreen brings onsite drug and alcohol screening straight to your business. We are even NATA certified for our onsite drug screening. NATA accredited Medisceen to AS 4308 for onsite urine drug testing. If you get everyone screened at once, then it is over and done with, and everyone can quickly and easily return to their workplace duties without all of this added pressure to schedule something else and meet with more people and stress out even more about everything. Mediscreen is easy on introverts. If you’re an introverted business owner, call us today: (+61) 1300 79 70 40.

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